Born June Marie Pace, at 5:36 AM Christmas day 1955, in Cleveland, Ohio.  her father’s father Walter, came straight from Warsaw, Poland and her mother’s father, Giovanne, was from Abruzzi in northern/central Italy. 
    At the age of five, June began learning about art perspective and shape from her father and drawing the lessons in the art correspondence books that were mailed to him every month.  In 1968, on the winds of the “summer of love”, the Pace family migrated to Los Angeles where they settled in with her Italian grandfather who lived above a crystal chandelier shop on Melrose Avenue.  While sitting in the upstairs window and listening to her grandfathers love of opera fill the room, the provocative sounds  and energy of  the  60’s enticed her from the pavement below.  June was to become  part of this culture, of flowers, peace and  love.  These images would later emerge through her writing, singing and finally, her  art.
    Today  June  resides in the foothills of the small coastal community of Santa Cruz, CA. surrounded by giant redwoods and a view of the sparkling mercurial Monterey Bay. She lives with her husband Ray and their two dogs, Bodhi and Louie.  With San Francisco just a short trip to the north, June’s memories of that time, when the world began to see in color, has brought vibrant and passionate strokes to her canvasses - a direct contrast to the black and white realism from  her earlier success  in  Los Angeles.  She has combined the two loves to create her Rock Series.

At the present, June’s passion lives deeply within her writing ...the Benjamin McTish Series. These whimsical little characters have poured without effort from June’s imagination and her deep love of all things magical and hope filled...she likes happy endings.  A weaver of words, and a true storyteller  at heart, June  gives a part of every day to focus on her manuscripts and finds tremendous joy in this experience.   She intends to continue as an author for the remainder of her life.
     Whether it be a contemporary edge to an old world Renaissance inspired painting... the colorful tattoo on the arm of a man in a hotrod... or a black and white grinning Jimi Hendrix, popping off the back ground of psychedelic 60’s an etheric washed watercolor illustration of a fish with a cat’s tail...or simply putting pen to paper in the age old tradition of storytelling, there is no mistaking June’s passion and soul for creating.