I don't paint as much as I used to, however, I will add new pieces from time to time. In the queue right now are Robert Plant and Bette Midler..and others.  I also do commissioned work as well.  My prices have changed dramatically over the last several years.  I've sold smaller pieces for a couple grand and then something for seven hundred….and a painting that took me less than a day for seventeen hundred…it all depends on the day and who is interested.  I'm super flexible, I would just like the art to go to people who really want it.   If you see something you'd like and want to work something out don't hesitate to get in touch with me and make an offer, or even a couple payments and it's yours, seriously, I want the work to have a good home.  

The pieces are large, with exception to Bowie and Lennon, Bowie is not for sale (that changed, someone offered me a ridiculous price and I had to take it!).  Bob Marley, Bono and Rod already have homes, the rest are available.
All paintings are acrylic on 2" gallery wrap canvas.

Etsy listed prices for reference as follows :


Tyler-750 (has silver leaf)
Mick-500  (SOLD)

Gaga- (has paper/glitter)-600
ZZ Top-800(SOLD)
MJ-800  ( has wax, charcoal, paper)(SOLD)


The Red is not for sale.  The Blue Buddha is in a private collection.  

Etsy listings:
Lotus-24x30-200 (155)
Green Buddha gi'clee-30x42-250 (SOLD)
Chalk Buddha-36x36-this is the white face with the orange/rust/brown backgd.-300
The Silver-36x48 1100

Thx for checking out my work…hope you take a piece with you!